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Bring it on, 2014.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 was a year that showed us Washington at its worst. But it also showed us Constitutional Progressives at their best. Thank you for your hard work this year. We have a great deal to be proud of, and a great deal to prepare for.

We’re on a roll. Please consider contributing $20.14 to keep up the fight in the new year.

In 2013, we faced government gridlock of historic proportions.  Even so, you never stopped fighting for a fair and fully staffed federal judiciary.  You sent 40,000 messages to your Senators on behalf of superb judicial nominees and in opposition to partisan obstruction.  You kept the pressure on swing Senators with letters to the editor.  Today,Patricia Millett and Nina Pillard are on their way to join Sri Srinivasan on the D.C. Circuit, and Robert Wilkins is likely to join them soon.

You also made your voices heard on some of the most important constitutional issues of the day.  You defended voting rights, spoke out against the scourge of money in politics, and reminded your friends that corporations can’t pray and aren’t entitled to the same free exercise rights as human beings. 

Please support bold, tactical progressive advocacy in 2014 with a contribution of $20.14.

The fight isn’t over.  Here’s some of what we can expect in 2014.  Even in the “post-nuclear option” Senate, conservatives are still finding ways to block judicial confirmations as long as they can.  And in the courts, wealthy donors are still trying to blow the lid off of money in politics, health care reform opponents are launching last-ditch legal attacks on the Affordable Care Act, and corporations are claiming that they have the “free exercise” right to deny women the contraceptive coverage required by law.

We’ll be on the front lines of all these fights.  I know you’ll be there with us.

Support Constitutional Progressives’ work in 2014 with a $20.14 donation today.

I want to thank you personally for all the work that you do and wish you a very happy New Year. 



Doug Kendall, President 
Constitutional Accountability Center