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This Constitution Day, Stand Up for the Right to Vote

This election season, the right to vote is under siege. 

Conservatives throughout the country, led by the tea party, are changing election rules to disenfranchise ordinary Americans – passing restrictive voter ID laws, shortening early voting hours, and making it more difficult to register to vote.

Tell your state’s top election official to stand by the Constitution on its 225th anniversary and make sure that all eligible voters in your state can cast a vote this fall.

Contact your state's top election official



Vermont’s Secretary of State Jim Condos showed us all what responsive civil service looks like with a quick reply to the emails he has received on voting rights from Constitutional Progressives in his state.  In his reply, Secretary Condos reaffirmed his commitment to stand strong against efforts to restrict the vote in Vermont. 

For the Secretary’s full take, please check out this op-ed, which he wrote earlier in the year for the Huffington Post.  There, he argues, quite persuasively, that “[d]enying eligible voters the ability to use their constitutionally protected right to participate is the real voter fraud.”

Thanks to Secretary Condos for his email and for his continued commitment to ensuring that all eligible voters in Vermont can cast a vote this fall.